Birefringent Crystals

A-Star produce Birefringent Crystals including α-BBO Crystal,Calcite, YVO4 Crystal and Sapphire.
Factory direct supplier of?birefringent crystals.
For the birefringent crystals detailed specification please see the birefringent crystal introduction for each crystal.


High temperature phase of BaB2O4 is an excellent birefringent crystal; it is characterized by large birefringent coefficient and wide transmission window from 189nm to 3500nm, ...


Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).It's a negative uniaxial crystal and mostly used as visible and near IR polarizers. It has high birefringence,..


Yttrium Vanadate (YVO4) Crystals Yttrium Vanadate (YVO4) crystals are positive uniaxial crystals grown using the Czochralski method. They have good mechanical and physical properties and are ideal for optical polarizing components because of their wide transparency range and large birefringence.


A-STAR supply the sapphire crystal with high quality, low cost. Careful selection of raw materials and strictly quality control at every stage of growth, ensure the best specifications for different application.

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