Polarization optics13

Please see our Polarization Optics Guide for additional information,Polarization optics are specifically designed to change or measure the state of polarization of incident radiation in the UV, visible, or IR spectral ranges. Solutions are available for both free space and fiber optic polarization applications.

Optical Crystal17

A-Star Photonic, as a professional Nonlinear Crystals ,Laser Crystals and Birefringent Crystals manufacturer, We produce Nonlinear Crystals and Laser Crystals like BBO Crystals, LBO Crystals, YAG Crystals, ND:YAG Crystals, DKDP & KDP Crystals, KTP Crystals, KTA Crystals, LINBO3 Crystals, ND:YVO4 Crystals etc. Please contact us for more optical crystal information and technology supports.

Optical Components28

A-Star photonics inc offers a wide range of optical components including mirrors, lenses, laser windows, optical filters, prisms, polarizing optics, UV and IR Optics. Choose A-Star optical components for a wide variety of applications including wavelength division multiplexing and optical sensors.

Optical Coating5

A-Star got 2 coating machines, can make: AR Coating, HR Coating, PR Coating, PBS Coating, Metal Coating(Al coating, Ag coating, Au coating)and MgF2 protective coating etc. A-Star optics uses a wide range of optical coating techniques including thermal evaporation (resistance heating and electron gun coating), plasma assisted chemical vapor disposition and sputtering. These techniques enable the development of special super 'hard' or enhanced coatings with exceptional specifications. A-Star optics's coating experts are often called upon to provide rapid and effective solutions to problems which arise in new applications, many of which require original, innovative and complex designs and manufacturing technologies For the Optical Coating detailed specifications please see each product link.

Lens Assembly1

A-Star focuses on the development and production of optical Lenses, telescopes and photo-electrical instruments. Focusing non the innovation, inspire in the future, A-Star’s optics use the most advantage technology, the highest quality standard, the most professional knowledge. Based on the 20 years experienced team with above advantage, A-Star can provide professional and reliable optical Lenses design and Lens Assembly Copy. Lens Assemblies are the optical components consisting of built in Ball Lenses or Aspherical Lenses fixed in metal holders or housings designed for Optical Device and Module. The metal parts are mainly assembled by a press fitting process and sealed with a low-melting glass process. A-Star' Lens Assemblies are custom-made products and we have the ability to manufacture and design these custom products to meet your application needs. Pls. feel free to contact us anytime if you need any help.

competitive product6

competitive product

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