Buy?Nonlinear BBO Crystal With low price

Buy Nonlinear BBO Crystal from?Astar factory to be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you’re interested in optical BBO Crystal price, enquire now.

BBO Crystal Package

BBO Crystal Package

Astar also provides laser components and accessories, we aim to offer customers complete laser solutions for all-solid-state lasers, diode lasers, laser marking system with our most convenient and rapid service.


Buy bbo crystal


Q: What’s the way of shipping and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS etc.

(2) If you have your own express account, it’s great.If not,we could help you ship them.

?Q: How to pay?

A: T/T, Paypal, etc

Q: What’s your MOQ?

A:??(1) For inventory, the MOQ is 5pcs.

(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 10pcs-25pcs.

Q: What’s the delivery time?

A:??(1) For the standard products

For inventory: the delivery is 5?workdays after you place the order.

For customized products: the delivery is 2?or 3?weeks after you place the order.

(2) For the special-shaped products, the delivery is 4?or 6?workweeks after you place the order.

Q: Do you have standard products?

A: Our standard products in stock.

Q: Can I?customize the products based on my need?

A: Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical components based on your needs.

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