30Oct 2019

Buy?Nonlinear BBO Crystal With low price Buy Nonlinear BBO Crystal from?Astar factory to be your best choice. And the customized orders are also welcome. Should you’re interested in optical BBO Crystal price, enquire now. Astar also provides laser components and accessories, we aim to offer customers complete laser solutions for all-solid-state lasers, diode lasers, laser […]

28Oct 2019

ASTAR?is specialized in the production of various specifications of Bbo Crystal,??And we?are?committed our standard?more than eight years to offering our customers excellent products, reasonable prices and a high level of service. Bbo Crystal Application: BBO is of particular importance in the visible and far UV. A wide variety of phase-matching applications are possible, including the […]

26Oct 2019

China Astar’s Optical BBO crystals Brand: ASTAR SKU: BBO CRYSTAL 1 Optical BBO Crystal Description: BBO is a nonlinear optical crystal with a combination of a number of unique features: wide transparency region, broad phase-matching range, large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold. 1. Main Features Good mechanical and physical properties Broad phase-matchable second-harmonic-generation (SHG) range […]

24Oct 2019

China Astar Manufacturer and exporter of KTA Crystal with good price. KTA CRYSTAL Description: KTA NON-LINEAR CRYSTALS Potassium Titanyl Arsenate (KTIOAsO4), or KTA, is a nonlinear optical crystal for Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO) application. It has good nonlinear optical and electro-optical properties, e.g. significantly reduced absorption in band range of 2.0-5.0 um, broad angular and […]

16Sep 2019

ASTAR?OPTICAL PRISMS A-Star supply Penta Prism, Beamsplitter Penta Prism, Corner Cube Retroreflectors, Right Angel Prism,Dove Prism,Dispersion Prisms,and Anamorphic Prisms etc. Many standard Right Angel Prisms for your choice. Optical prisms are blocks of optical material with flat, polished sides that are attached at precisely controlled angles to each other. Optical prisms may be used in […]

02Sep 2019

Fuzhou Astar is a top supplier of LBO Crystal in China. Lithium Tri-borate (LBO) is one of the most useful nonlinear optical material not just for its relatively large conversion coefficient – 3x that of KDP, but also for its excellent physical properties. LBO crystal has broad optical transparency range from 160 to 2600nm. It […]

10Apr 2019

ASTAR photonics?is a factory with more than?10 years processing and production experience. We could provide various kinds of optical lens including convex lens, concave lens, biconvex lens, plano-convex lens, etc. Welcome to visit our factory and hope to build a long relationship with your partners.     Are you looking for Optical Blank Lens? We […]

20Mar 2018
A-Star Entrance

China Nonlinear Crystal BBO Supplier AStar? is a leading manufacturer of solid-state and diode laser systems. Our products include green laser, blue laser, yellow laser, red laser, RGB laser, infrared laser, UV laser, single longitudinal mode laser and Q-switched laser systems. Astar lasers are featured with high performance, low cost and excellent laser beam quality, […]

20Mar 2018

A- Star Photonics Inc., specializes in Projection Display Optical Elements, Crystals Material, Precision Optics & Optical Communication Components, is a high-tech enterprise integrated R&D, manufacturing and selling. Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products: F-theta Scan Lens,Beam Expanders,Focusing Lens,Mirror,Window beta-BaB2O4(BBO) Beta-BaB2O4 is a nonlinear optical crystal which combines a number of unique features. These features […]

30Jun 2017

China Beta-Barium Borate Crystal (β _BaB2O4, BBO) BBO crystal is an important nonlinear optical crystals with combination of unique optical properties. Broad transmission and phase matching ranges, large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold and excellent optical homogeneity provide attractive possibilities for various nonlinear optical applications. China Beta-Barium Borate Advantages: Broad phase matching (SHG) range from […]

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